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No way

Not so much an animation as it is an informational video about how some Halo fanboys irrationally hate Call of Duty for dumb reasons.

Really great and fun

Happy to be part of a collab that caters to my art style hehehe.

Like EJR said the transition between drawings was too slow. It was awesome, I enjoyed seeing the different artists, most of which were awesome. I think the music was a good choice too.

acedareaper responds:

im happy to have gotten to make such a collab.

more updates to the collab and more music will be done within the time given.

thank you for your review.

I'm sad

I'm a huge Muse fan and I enjoyed a few of your other collabs, but this was a disappointment. I didn't like a majority of the story being told and it did not give off or compliment the feelings emitted from the song, the animation was good in many parts but I just can't bring myself to say this was good. Especially when weighed against your other works.

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Comedy and sour grapes

I thought the joke was funny, and the "Continue?" part made me laugh, I WANTED to click to see the next part of the ongoing punchline.

The reviews for this game make me laugh also, people whine about the punchline and then start going on with hardcore critique of the gameplay and storyline, as if this weren't at least a "B" in the grading system of Newgrounds. Really? Mario has inventive maps? I mean it may be one of those games whose gameplay and storyline mimic that of Mario, but really, making up things like the controls being sluggish is just sad for people who are just upset they ran into the first pit.

Funny, literal and the reaction of the audience may be funnier than the game.

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http://www.facebook.com/Theplanetplut omusic

Band facebook page

It's pretty neat

It feels empty, the stops are nice, you seem to favor sharps and flats too.

I wouldn't really call it medieval, seems like a spooky children's film theme. Maybe utilizing more instruments would make this a bit more interesting.

Box-Killa responds:

thanks dude, there are some dynamics in there, but no minor details blek

For lack of a better word

I like it, I think it caters more towards Cyber-punk than anything else, I think it should be more unbiased if that makes any sense.

I don't particularly understand some of the changes J-QB pointed out, I think since the song is an outline, we should concentrate on clarifying how it should sound all together, not the specifics.

I would personally prefer a playful orchestrated pieces with some synths and a wild drum pattern.

Sci-Fi responds:

well...yeah, for lack of a better word

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A good start, I like the line of action, but the lack of real values makes it really flat, I would like to see more darks and lights to push the perspective. And the outlining kind of ruins it for me too, if you were going to shade this then use the shading to represent the edges, it's a very good sketch to start the next step on but doesn't feel finished.

PkBlitz responds:

Dammit, I was going to throw some value with photoshop but I wasn't sure about adding more digital stuff than the little I already added D: I'm bad at making decisions. Do you think I'm still in time to do that?

Wow this is a great piece, I watched Heidi as an adult because it is my girlfriend's childhood favorite show. I shall show her this immediately


Looks feminine to me, three things that I don't like are the ear, which seems very small and high up, the way the face is structured through the shading as in it's just not appealing, and the lack of emotion on the face/how the lips are pursed but that is a choice too I suppose.

As far as the style, if you are working in a style inspired by Mucha the linework is a bit too thick around the body, and from the like two things I remember seeing from him which were towards the end of his career, he tended to line in the colors of the fabrics and such with a lot of detail on the face and neck with varying degrees throughout and I think he did a bit more with facial expressions and body language.

Though in general I think you're amazing, this is probably not my favorite but I do see Mucha's style in it so you succeed there, the other reviews are pretty dumb so there's also that

I draw, I also make music in a band: The Planet Pluto, look us up

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