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The Tarot Card Collab!

Posted by Knocturne - December 10th, 2010

Yeah! I'm hosting a collaboration, the finished product will be something different from what's normally seen here on Newgrounds when it comes to art collabs.

I'm looking for a female voice actor who wishes to voice young fortune teller (the cliche with the mild russian accent).

I'm also looking for anyone interested in animating for this collaboration as well as anyone willing to do background art.

Here's the thread, so you can stay posted and chart the collab progress.

List of cards

0 The Fool * - IndigoWraithe Done
1 The Magician / The Juggler * - ImpendingRiot
2 The High Priestess / The Popess * - Aigis Done
3 The Empress * - Darkittys
4 The Emperor * - Kinsei Done
5 The Hierophant / The Pope * - BlackMarketKraig
6 The Lovers * - MasterMerol Done
7 The Chariot - Toast-Tony Done
8 Justice * Fifty-50 Done
9 The Hermit * - LegolaSS Done
10 Wheel of Fortune - Jacimoose
11 Strength / Fortitude * Fifty-50
12 The Hanged Man / The Traitor* - Aigis Done
13 Death * - Ninjar
14 Temperance * - Byrony Done
15 The Devil * Test-Object Done
16 The Tower / Fire * <Spaghetti14 Done
17 The Star * - Aigis
18 The Moon * - Kakashi
19 The Sun * - Kinsei Done
20 Judgment / The Angel * - xTY3x Done
21 The World *- Occluded

Comments (7)

You should bold out the ones which are being worked on, makes it better to see.

wow all of them are nearly taken and I want to do one but I don't think i'll have time to finish it before christmas so maybe ill just have to reserve one now and see

KNOC you should put the ones that aren't taken in bold.

too bad, the last few i wanted to do are taken. Maybe next time...

You still need a female VA?
I thought CosmicDeath was doing that?
If not, I *might* be interested... :P

Just quietly.. that list is really poorly structured. It is extremely difficult to tell what is done and what isn't.

Just quietly? Naw, I can see how it may be confusing to some people but I understand the list clearly

Would it be possible for you to put a link to the finished cards in the list? Perhaps make the word &quot;Done&quot; a link to the image. That way people won't have to wade through 15+ pages of the thread to find the individual pictures.