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2009-09-06 18:16:40 by Knocturne

Lost about 25 scouts, that means twenty-five good artists lost their scout-ocity. How did EgoRaptor get his account compromised?


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2009-09-06 18:25:41

Shitty passwords.

Knocturne responds:

That's why I don't use my user name as my password.


2009-09-06 19:29:29

went to a site in an email that said nevvgrounds notice the 2 v instead of w, honest mistake really, what was the deal with canas though the other mod

Knocturne responds:

I wouldn't have fell for it though.


2009-09-06 19:37:19

Ego isn't too intelligent if you ask me. He can't think that well when it comes to some of his flashes and just because he has 'good' flashes, it does not mean that he's smart.


2009-09-07 00:11:29

Hey, Ego is the victim in this whole thing, don't be so mean. His account was basically used as a nuke without his knowing, he must feel so bad right about now...

Knocturne responds:

That's true, but I don't think anyone in any position of power should be so careless. It's not a matter of being mean or not, but it's like Obama leaving the Whitehouse doors unlocked and having no security.